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Founded to put focus on the environment, around the world, for awareness about the global pollution!

The REMINDER Award rewarding people around the world who are climate-fighters. 3 persons that have done or are doing extra ordinary efforts to change the climate are chosen by our award panel, final winner are chosen by voting process, peoples choice.

The prize money of 5000 USD is given to a organisation chosen by the winner. Each one of the nominees receive THE REMINDER watch and the recognition for their work.

Winner to be announced on 15 December 2020. We believe in a future that is green, a clean environment is important for all of us and for the future to come.

The nominees for The REMINDER Award 2020


Jason F. McLennan

Jason F. McLennan considered one of the world’s most influential individuals in the field of architecture and green building movement today, Jason is a highly sought out designer, consultant and thought leader around the planet.


Greta Thunberg

She is known for having initiated the school strike for climate movement that formed in November 2018 and surged globally after the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in December the same year.


Joan Carling

Joan Carling is an indigenous rights activist and environmental defender from the Philippines. She has been defending land rights from grassroots to international levels for more than 20 years.